About our
Teddy Bears Program
Project Kids is pleased to offer enriched child care for students who are enrolled in an applicable Byron Preschool class!  Our PK Teddy Bears Program, which is located at the Primary School, will be available during the 2019-2020 school year to those pre-kindergarten children who are age four by September 1, 2019.

We know that it can be a bit overwhelming for our youngest PK children that spend a portion of their day in preschool and child care, so we make it as comfortable, and fun, as possible for them in their daily explorations.
Consistency and trust are essential—that’s why we have devoted one super awesome Preschool Lead and several of our wonderful Program Assistants explicitly to our PK Teddy Bears Program.  Our preschool children’s wellbeing is their #1 responsibility.  You can be assured, the Project Kids Program Coordinator and PK Site Supervisor at the Primary School are also fully committed to providing a quality experience to all of our Teddy Bears and their parents and guardians.
Comfy “security blankets” are, well… comfy—that’s why we, to a fair extent, separate the Teddy Bears from the older PK children in the building.  But, we do find it extremely beneficial to bring all of the kids together at times to further everyone’s growth and development.  Overlapping the similar realms of consistency and sense of security, we want you to know PK has a nicely decorated and supplied classroom that is dedicated only to our PK Teddy Bears; this room embraces everything Preschool, and beyond.
We believe that learning doesn’t stop when school is out, and in fact, education can be greatly enhanced outside of the classroom—that’s why our Teddy Bears Program provides preschool children with daily opportunities to participate in fun and educational experiences—such as organized and self-directed play; get-moving activities; arts and crafts; music and dance; games; story time; and even the exploration of math, science, and nature.  To further enhance our preschoolers’ growth and development, we also go on several local outings. In short, PK Teddy Bears is a great child care choice for parents/guardians hoping to extend their child’s pre-kindergarten experience.
Lastly, we wish you to know, the Project Kids Teddy Bears Program maintains a 1-to-10-or-better ratio (i.e., one fantastic PK helper for ten-or-fewer charming preschoolers).  This allows our staff and youngest students to better succeed in their everyday opportunities.