Application Process for the
Teddy Bears Program
IMPORTANT!  The Project Kids Teddy Bears Program has a limited number of enrollment spots available for each of the à la carte preschool care options.
The primary enrollment application period occurs in March.  If the program is not at full capacity at the end of the initial application period, enrollment will continue beyond March until all spots are filled.  If demand exceeds capacity, a waiting list will be generated.
If interested in one or more of the preschool care options, please fill out a PK Teddy Bears Enrollment Application in its entirety and return it to the Community Education office at Byron Primary School, 820 7th Street NE, Byron, MN 55920.  For families wishing to enroll more than one child into Teddy Bears, please fill out a separate application for each.  (Special Note: The Teddy Bears Program does NOT utilize the online form that new families with K-5th grade students initially use to begin their enrollment process.)
Applications are largely prioritized by preschool class selections, date/time received, and number of care days needed.
If your child is accepted into the program for any or all of your selected à la carte preschool care options, a $35 registration fee (per child) will apply and payment will be due within one week of your notice.  Registration payments must be turned in to the Community Education office.
A child who is accepted into the PK Teddy Bears Program will be placed on the roster of their applicable care option(s), ONLY after we have received payment for their registration.  All rosters will be good for the entire school year.  Please know, if you decide to make changes to your child’s attendance schedule (if allowed) or withdraw them from PK for any reason, you MUST provide a two-week notice.
Additional Information
  • Please make checks payable to Byron Project Kids.
  • If you currently receive (or will be receiving) childcare assistance, you must notify the PK Program Coordinator as soon as possible; you must also contact your case worker to let them know of your intent to utilize Byron Project Kids for your child care needs.
  • During the registration process, it is very important that you let us know of any medical conditions your child has that may need special attention while attending PK.